Monday, December 28, 2009

James and Monica's Baby Logan

The day after Christmas we ran up to Idaho for a quick visit, we had to meet (and hold) that baby! I even got to change a diaper!!

Christmas Morning!

Luke was so excited for all of his toys!!

Christmas Eve

Luke was so excited when he unwrapped his PJs Christmas Eve, he immediately started stripping down. Then once he got the jammies on he was giggling and rubbing his tummy, feeling how soft they were. so cute!

Beautiful Girl

Here is my cute little sister in law, getting ready to go to the Davis High Christmas dance, she is so pretty

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Decorating!

My Little Artist!

Luke has been so into drawing lately, and all I have for him are colored pencils but he does pretty well with them! He will sit there with his face close to the paper and carefully make tiny little scribbles all over (he is just like his daddy, he focuses on little details)! He always wants me to draw with him, which is so fun except he decides what color I use and for how long and if I ever try to switch colors on my own he takes the new color that I chose for myself and gives me back the color I had to begin with!

Luke Trying to Dress Himself!

What a funny boy! He tried to put his legs into his shirt and wondered what was wrong, it looks like some sort of loin cloth.... So maybe it wasn't a mistake to him, he was just trying to be a wild jungle boy!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went up to the Sheffield family cabin at Bear Lake for Thanksgiving. We ate yummy food. In this picture you will see Ken, myself, and my dear Stephen. He is Ken's younger brother and he is such a great kid, he makes us all laugh.

Here is my Luke eating a sucker and snuggling with Grandpa.

We even got to play games!!! (we are playing bananagrams in this pic! Yay!)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun.

Ken had to work (which he dressed up for...I don't know if I can post that picture quite yet...) , so Luke and I joined in the Halloween fun with the Sheffield fam. For dinner we had pizza and eyeballs (deviled eggs with sliced olives on top), fingers (breadsticks with a slivered almond at the end), blood (marinara sauce), and apple juice with gummy worms in it. Then we had a doughnut race... Stephen won :) We had a mummy race to see which team could wrap their mummy first, we won! Even though ours was the messiest looking one. We also did bobbing for apples and then trick or treating which Luke loved! He kept seeing all the other kids walking around and wanted to join them so badly. Luckily we found some nursery friends from the ward who didn't mind us walking with them. It was so fun!

Happy Birthday to Me.

Ken gave me such a fun surprise on my birthday! He put his scrubs on and left for work (or so I thought). A few minutes later he came back with Shelese, who babysat Luke while we went out! First he took me to get a nice guitar tuner, guitar strings (which were desperately needed), and some extra picks! Then we went to dinner at the cutest little European cafe type place called the Bistro, it was really fun. Then we went and saw "Where the Wild Things Are" its wierd but I liked it :) Also, he gave me a huge stache of chocolate. Also he made me breakfast burritos in the morning. Took out garbages, and EVEN helped with dishes! He was so thoughtful and loving!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Want To See How Excited I Am About My New Contacts?

I know this picture is insane but you have to understand that I've been wearing a 7 year old perscription for a while now! I can read road signs! I can see leaves on trees... the individual leaves!! I can see the TV screen!!! and...... I can see the hymn numbers at church!

Its Autumn Time

We had the greatest blustery autumn day. The bright leaves were flying off the trees. Peter came over and we tried to take some creative fall leaf pictures, mainly involving throwing leaves at Luke and hoping to get a cute shot...

This Picture Is For You Mom and Dad

Right after the bike AND basket were back in commission Luke and I went for a ride to the garden to get some nice groceries!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mommy's Boy

Who DOESN"T love eating Nesquik by the handfuls!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was so wonderful to have all that rain!! I seriously loved it, I went to take the garbage out while it was pouring and I took as long as I could walking really slowly so I could get a little bit drenched. It was lovely. Well, since the ground got to be moist for a second Luke found a worm! A huge nightcrawler!!!

He loved that thing to death (literally)! He would set it down on the cement, then pick it up excitedly and run over and set it down in the dirt (where I wish it could have stayed). Then he would pick it up again and run over and set it on the bench and then on the cement again where he would watch it squirm for half a second and then do it all over again. Finally, it ended up in three different pieces. I didn't have the heart to get a picture of that...

Next, he found a potato bug which was not as sturdy as the worm and so didn't last as long...

Monday, September 7, 2009


I kept thinking that Luke was just too young for me to get out the train set and try to set up a track for him to play with.... I finally figured it out: he's got to have it big enough so he can sit in the middle and maneuver around! You think I would have figured it out sooner!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mommy and Lukey!!

I Love Being Home!

It has been so nice not having to get ready to go back to work! I am loving being a Mommy!!