Friday, August 15, 2008

The Return of the Luke...

The other day, I filled up the tub a little so that I could shave my legs. Well Luke saw it and got so excite, thinking it was meant for his bath. The next thing I know he dives in, lands on his head, sits up, whines for a half a second, then start giggling and splashing!!

My First Canning Experience

Don't laugh but I've never really done canning on my own, Ken's mom, Tina helped me though, and so now I know how to can apricots and make jam!

He's a Nutcase!!

Luke is so active and so goofy at times. Sometimes Ken and I just laugh so hard at his cuteness.

Our Big Boy

The other day we went over to meet the lady who will be watching Luke, and she had a 15 month old boy who was almost a whole head shorter than Luke! He is so big for his age he is just growing up too fast for his Mommy!!!
This picture is really cute of Luke, but it really does make him look a lot older...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Garden Produce....coming right up

Here are a few vegetables growing in our garden, we're excited for them to ripen up!

I know I totally forgot to get a picture of myself in my cute new dress!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

sheffield life...

We finally got the internet! Unfortunately there's no more room on our computer, so we can't download any more pics but if I could, I would show tons of pictures of Luke so you could see how big he is now and that he is walking everywhere!! Also I would show pictures of our garden. We've been having tons of zuchinni, which reminds me of our gardens growing up, we always had zuchinni. Fried with onions, yum! Well, here is THE LATEST: I'm going to work in the fall, and ken is going to school. Pretty exciting.... Pray for us.