Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mommy and Lukey!!

I Love Being Home!

It has been so nice not having to get ready to go back to work! I am loving being a Mommy!!


My Baby Turns 2

Luke's Birthday was Friday and Ken worked a double shift that night/morning so we didn't really celebrate until Saturday evening, when we had family over for presents and ice cream. However on Friday I did take him over to Grandma's yard to use the slip and slide!

Happy 3 Years to Us!

For our Anniversary Ken got me chocolate! He knows me well... We spent the evening together and went out to eat and then to see Harry Potter it was really fun!

Birthday Fun

Ken turned 26! I made him do a scavenger hunt... he did some silly things along the way (climb a small tree to get a bag of m&m's, sing the ABC song to a neighbor, spin around on a bat and then run, search through ice cream at the store, and solve a lot of riddles!), it was great fun! Then he came back to a surprise party!

......During The Haircut..

Before The Haircut...