Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was so wonderful to have all that rain!! I seriously loved it, I went to take the garbage out while it was pouring and I took as long as I could walking really slowly so I could get a little bit drenched. It was lovely. Well, since the ground got to be moist for a second Luke found a worm! A huge nightcrawler!!!

He loved that thing to death (literally)! He would set it down on the cement, then pick it up excitedly and run over and set it down in the dirt (where I wish it could have stayed). Then he would pick it up again and run over and set it on the bench and then on the cement again where he would watch it squirm for half a second and then do it all over again. Finally, it ended up in three different pieces. I didn't have the heart to get a picture of that...

Next, he found a potato bug which was not as sturdy as the worm and so didn't last as long...

Monday, September 7, 2009


I kept thinking that Luke was just too young for me to get out the train set and try to set up a track for him to play with.... I finally figured it out: he's got to have it big enough so he can sit in the middle and maneuver around! You think I would have figured it out sooner!!