Tuesday, May 6, 2008

and life of late

So the great encompassing lesson we have had lately, is that familys are great, but it would be wise to recieve each memeber into your family one at a time. We have been house sitting/baby sitting for my(ken) aunt and uncle(Mark and Lisa) over the last week. They have five children of their own, ranging from 14-2 years old. They are amazing kids, don't get me wrong, it's not about them. A week ago I thought my schedule was busy enough, but adding in all the extra swim lessons, soccer, piano, school activities, ward and scout stuff... reading to them all before bed... well you get the picture, and I'm sure that some of you know all too well what I am talking about, but it has been intense. Going from 1 to 6 kids over night is an adventure. In my quiet moments this last week, I have been in awe over the role that parents in large families take... esp. mothers. Lynsie has truely risen to the occasion and known exactly how to react, and teach each of these children. I know, in great part that has to do with her own mother, and the way she cultivated her children. I too, obviously am thinking of all mothers at this time of year, and appreciate my own mother. I pray that I honor her with my existence in my own day to day living, and struggles.
Our one little guy, Luke is such a fun addition to our home. I am so proud to be his daddy, and to have someone by my side who is an amazing woman, and mother. I just learned that a good buddy of mine earlier this week, came home from his daily rutine, work etc. to find his wife had died there at home. What a shake of the pickle jar. They were blessed with two children together, and I can not imagine what termoil he is feeling without her. When I heard all of this, I quickly went to Lynsie and told her how much I love her. I hope we are all taking our time together seriously. Lynsie and I feel blessed to share an eternal bond, but others like this friend of mine only feel complete loss. Life of late makes me want to do more with the little that I have... bring to full magnification in my heart what my family means to me.