Thursday, March 27, 2008

Luke at the Duck Pond

Luke and I have been going on walks now that the weather is nice, and the other day I took him to duck pond here in kaysville. I was way excited, but Luke not so much. I tried to point at the ducks and thought he'd like the quacking noises they made, but instead of even glancing at them he found a little waterfall going into the pond that he stared intently at. It was pretty funny.

Luke and Daddy

Whenever Luke sees his daddy or even hears his voice he gets so excited and grins from ear to ear. Mom felt a little left out until Luke's first word was Mamma instead of Dadda.

Luke in Uncle Jesse's old overalls

I remember Jesse wearing these cute red and white striped overalls when he was a baby I can't believe Luke fits into them now. He has seriously been growing too fast!

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these are just a few pic's from our valentines stay in Las Vagas/Lake Mead. We were lucky enough to stay at this gettaway as a family.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For all you who keep tabs

Well, we are getting a little lazy with this whole blogging thing... greatly in part, because we havn't had internet since we've moved to Utah. So it looks like we will be making trips to the city library, and stealing onto other peoples computers here and there until the big day comes that we break down and pay for internet service. Yes we have moved, but things changed a bit... and we are actually in a house of our own, rather than renting a basement. We feel like we've been put under the looking glass as far as struggles, and testing of our will, but our Heavenly Father has truly been blessing us in so many ways and a lot of growth has come from this move, and time in our life.
Lynsie has been enjoying time with Luke(six months old now), but is finding him more and more of a handful each day. As he starts to scoot/roll his way arround everywhere, and take bites out of everything(with his four lower teeth newly come in). I(ken) have been plenty busy with night school, working several jobs, and just trying to make our future dreams a reality. I feel like a bit of a recluse. If anyone, friends or family are wondering "why the distance?" I wouldn't know were to begin... to try and explain our life's little situation. We love life and it's adventures, we hope we can be better at keeping you all involved with our's.
- Ken and Sheffield Family