Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to Ms. Lynsie's Preschool Class!

Well, preschool has been going great! I just sent the first newsletter home to the parents yesterday I can't believe I've been teaching for a whole month. We started out talking about friends and getting to know each others' names, and lately we have been talking about trees! First we learned about the parts of a tree and we have been reviewing it each time and they know it! They have been learning what I have taught them, it is very exciting! We just got done talking about shade, I put some butcher paper on the floor with a big flashlight shining down on it and we traced our shadows we also talked about bark and how it protects the tree so one day I walked in with a coat on and talked about how coats protect us from the cold, I asked the kids, "can a tree put on a coat? No, that's silly, a tree has bark to protect it!" - the next day I walked in with a helmet and shin guards - then I showed them a log and pounded with a hammer on the indside of the tree (it made a mark) then I pounded on the bark (it didn't make a mark). Basically I am having way too much fun. I have a picture of my favorite part of the classroom - where I display the kids' art! I asked parents to donate old picture frames and then I hung it over the pictures. Its pretty neat this whole wall is cork like a bulletin board and the opposite wall is megnetic. I wish I had more pictures to show!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here's an Update

I am sorry everyone for not updating sooner, and I don't have any new pictures to show because our computer has zero space to download anything. Many of you know that life has been crazy for us lately! I have been teaching preschool, and although my first choice is be a mom, since I have to work this is definitly what I want to be doing! I love it! I am having such a great time. I am just glad that I am doing something that I actually feel confident doing (that's huge for me). I got my Professional Preschool Education degree at BYU-I last fall and its just straight training specifically for teaching preschool. Also, the program I am in now is very similar to what I studied at school. Its neat having my own classroom...I'm getting used to being the one "in charge." My assistant is probably in her early forties, I feel kind of funny telling her what to do, no I'm not bossy. Anyway, she is a great help to me because she has been in the program before and she is nice her name is Helga and she is from Germany. It is great getting to know the kids. This week we have talked about trees! Its been great:) We'll probably focus on that for a while and go into fruit growing on trees, apples and then leaves changing - and some time I want to do pumpkins because we have tons in our garden this year!