Friday, October 31, 2008

Summers Gone

Just looking at some of our pics and thinking of what a great summer we had, and knowing we needed to post more pics on here I'm giving a shortened recap, and update.
Luke had his first real hair cut and lost this shag

We made lots of trips to the Park

Chalk sidewalk art up and down the driveway

Lukes 1 year old mark... Birthday presents and first Birthday cake.

fun short hikes as a family

Lukes first motorcycle rides

In an attempt to recover from our lack of current footage, here is the update. We cleared off the garden finally... it was somewhat a success, and we had alot of produce and a fun crop of pumpkins for luke to pick

With the yard being as big as it is, Lynsie and I are always grateful for the little helper

sometimes Luke gets into more of the action than he should and ends up like this...

good thing he is so cute, and laughs off any bump or tumble... all boy, his dad is so proud. Lynsie has been making hats again, and Luke is our official "Hat" boy. He loves to say the word "hat"anyway, we are just trying to enjoy life... and smile at our own mistakes and grow a bit more each day. - Ken

My Birthday

It's come and gone again... and I'm still young. 23 years old doesn't feel any different. Ken cooked up a few surprises for me, some less glamorous than others... We spent the weekend babysitting for Ken's Aunt and Uncle in Ogden, but Ken managed to make breakfast for my birthday and later squeeze in Cake and Icecream with his side of the family that night. I didn't want to spend my birthday celebration babysitting, so we left most of that for the next day. Actually, Luke did give me his present that day when we went to church, in relief society he was amazingly good, I was able to listen to a great lesson! The next day I woke up and got ready to go to work, before I headed out, Ken came out of the bedroom with a wrapped package. I opened a new set of scriptures (which later we had embossed with my name: Lynsie Sheffield), they are a beautiful burgundy color. I went to work on one of my short days and came home at 1:30 to a good husband cleaning the house:) YAY! Then he turned around... (see figure 1) I made him shave it before we left the that mean? For those of you who know Ken, he has enjoyed looking like a back-woodsman lately. So before I left he had a bushy beard.
Also it may be important to note that while we were dating he grew a mustache just to make people laugh... basically it was gross. I even left to go to Washington and I thought for sure he would shave it off before I got back to make me happy. But alas, I suppose its hard for him to part with his beloved hairy face... Back to the birthday story, he shaved and then told me to get ready to go, and bring a jacket. A surprise! As some of you may know Ken isn't good at keeping surprises a secret, but I love surprises (good ones), but this time he did it, he kept where we were going a secret! We met Jesse (that was such a blast to hang out with him!! its been a while, Anthon and Jennie, and the fam along with Jeff and Willy - then went to Gardner Village. It was so fun, it was such a cute little setup.

I fell in love with a yarn shop they had there! Luke had a blast running around seeing the pumpkins and cute dressed up witches.Then we came back to the house and did presents(Thanks again everyone!)and had icecream cake. Yum! So that is the story of me turning 23.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Kids Say the Darnedest Things...

Let me just tell you a few Preschool experiences I have had lately before I forget them. Yesterday I was in the middle of my greeting circle, singing a fun little song where we say, "Jacob's wearing a green shirt a green shirt a green shirt Jacobs wearing a green shirt to preschool today." Well some of the kids like to say spider man or butterfly, or army we have fun being silly and trying to fit in the a whole mouthful like Quinn is wearing an army man shirt, an army man shirt....etc... I wish I could sing it for you then you would really understand how funny it is. Anyway it was a mouthful. I did that with all the kids and then started to go into the next thing when a cute little girl says, "wait, we need to sing about your shirt Ms. Lynsie!!" "Oh OK, well you tell me, what kind of shirt am I wearing today?" then I had kids saying "blue" "flower" "polka-dot" all at the same time (it was a shirt with a few diff designs on it), So, then I said, "Do you think we can be really silly and sing all of that... Ms. Lynsie is wearing a blue flower dot shirt?" I was getting ready to start the song, many of the kids looked excited about it like it would be fun, when suddenly one of the girls rolls her eyes, slumps her shoulders and looks at me like idiot... then she says loudly in a way that was like Duh, Hello!, "NO, Ms. Lynsie you can't sing!" Oh my goodness I just completely lost it, I was laughing so hard I haven't laughed that hard in a while! I'm pretty sure the kids thought I was nuts it was right in the middle of circle time and I tried to stop because the girl that said it looked a little embarrassed I knew she meant that it would be hard to sing all of that at one time, so FINALLY I regained composure... somewhat, explained to that girl that I knew what she meant and went on with the silly song. It was hilarious because later at that same circle time someone else said something funny too and I don't remember what it was, but I started laughing again... not quite as hard though. I am usually pretty good about not laughing at innappropriate times and totally ignoring (pretending to anyway) when kids fart or something, which can be pretty funny sometimes, but this was bad I laughed so hard I was almost crying! I have another story not quite as funny but its a lot like what kids say every day. I was playing outside with the kids and on our playground instead of gravel or wood chips we have shredded up tires, which is cool because it feels really bouncy when you walk on it. The kids like to play with it, I have one kid that calls it the beef jerky playground. Well, I was being chased by a dragon (for pretend), all the other kids (I only have 5 kids in that class) and I were running away from the kid who was pretending to be a dragon and he was roaring and making fire breathing noises and some of the kids that were getting chased were screaming when all of the sudden a quite little girl walked out from under the playground in front of us so that I almost tripped over her, yelled "OK, its time for dinner!!" It was funny the way she did that, out of no where. Anyway so I went over to the pretend restaurant with her and asked what we were going to have, "...Ummm, pepsi rice! Pepsi rice chicken." Another time during centers I looked over into the dramatic play area and this little boy was just kind of in his own world. He was wearing a hard hat, with a phone up to his ear singing the darth vador theme from star wars! It was great:)